The Evergreen Initiative, LLC

Provides LGBTQ+Focused services


  • Gender-Affirmation Services (Hormones/Surgery)
  • Mental Health
  • Adults Questioning Their Sexuality/Gender Identity
  • Ally Training and Education
  • Other (Community and Support)
  • People with Disabilities
  • Persons of Color/P.O.C.
  • Seniors/Elderly/Aging
  • Sex Work
  • Trans and Gender-Non-Conforming



Contact Info

Phone: (689) 210-4095


Providing 100 % virtual affirmative, empathetic, and ethical mental healthcare specifically for the LGB+, transgender & non-binary community.

Clinical services available: Letters of support for gender affirming care (surgery/hormones), gender affirming individual therapy, LGBTQ+ affirming therapy, therapy for health habit change, therapy for adjusting to and coping with chronic illness

Non-Clinical services available: LGBTQ+ health education & consultation

The Evergreen Initiative, LLC is queer & trans led & run