Replacements Ltd.

Provides LGBTQ+Friendly services



1089 Knox Road
McLeansville, NC 27301


Replacements, LTD is "the world's largest supplier of vintage and current dinnerware, crystal, silver & collectibles."
It is owned by an openly gay man and LGBTQ+ activist.

Here is an excerpt from a letter posted on the website, in response to North Carolina House Bill 2:
"At Replacements, Ltd., we are very fortunate to employ a number of extraordinarily talented people who are transgender. These people are like family to me. And having known and worked with many transgender friends over the years, I see in each a reflection of myself. The thought of being afraid to share space with any one of those good people is hard for me to understand, based on my personal experiences. If you had the opportunity to meet any one of them, I bet you’d feel the same way.

Again, as long-standing advocates for fair treatment, diversity, and inclusion, North Carolina-based Replacements, Ltd. will welcome you with open arms."