Queer Appalachia

Provides LGBTQ+Focused services


  • Adults Questioning Their Sexuality/Gender Identity
  • Black/African Diaspora
  • Housing/Homelessness
  • Indigenous/Native Communities
  • Mutual Aid/Direct Giving/Fundraising
  • Other (Community and Support)
  • Persons of Color/P.O.C.
  • Substance Abuse/Addiction
  • Trans and Gender-Non-Conforming
  • Youth Services



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"Queer Appalachia is an artist collective. Anyone is welcome at our table regardless of addiction status, mental health, socioeconomic status, identity, race or how "out" you are. When we use hashtags like #nooneisdisposable, it's not marketing or branding. We invite anyone to work along side us. For far too long, depictions of these regions have been white-washed and have made invisible the communities of color that live and struggle alongside us. We acknowledge the necessity for our work to not emulate these patterns and seek that both the project and its contributors accurately and appropriately reflect our diverse community."
Projects and Efforts Include: Harm Reduction; Transformative Justice; 'Electric Dirt' (magazine celebrating Queer voices and identities from Appalachia and the South); Community SOS & Rapid Response Funding; monthly Spotify playlist. Continuously evolving, so check website for new projects and efforts.