OUT an LGBTQ support group

Provides LGBTQ+Friendly services


  • Adoption and Foster Care
  • Ally Training and Education
  • Trans and Gender-Non-Conforming
  • Youth Services


Fulton County, IL

Contact Info

Phone: +1 309-340-3124


"OUT! An LGBTQIA support group meets every other Thursday evening from 6-7 and is family and ally friendly." OUT! was founded by Angela Cousins and Reverand Sue Harrington in August of 2018. Angela and her husband John are the parents of 3 lovely children, one of whom is transgender. Reverand Harrington identifies as a gay women and is raising 2 beautiful grandaughters. When searching for LGBTQIA support groups we found that all were either in urban areas far from Canton or were targeting teens and young adults and may not be appropriate for families with younger children. Needing support and wanting to find families and persons like us, we formed OUT! as a support group that is family friendly and open to children and allies. We hope to provide much needed support to our LGBTQIA families in Canton and Fulton County, and in the process educate and promote acceptance.