Healthline: Finding an LGBTQIA+ Affirming Therapist

Provides LGBTQ+Friendly services


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"A vast hub of helpful information and resources for LGBTQIA+ individuals looking for positive mental health and therapy support."

From the website:
"Finding an affirming, empathetic therapist can be life changing. Taking these steps could make the process easier for you:
- Clarify your goals.
- Identify your deal breakers and must-haves.
- Gather referrals from people you trust.
- Leverage LGBTQIA+ organizations in your search.
- Consider online therapy and support groups.
- Ask all the questions.
- Reach out to a helpline if you’re in immediate need.
- And last — but definitely not least — keep searching until you find a therapist who meets your needs. Your well-being is worth the effort, intuition, and time you’ll invest."