Greater Family Health

Provides LGBTQ+Friendly services


  • Family Planning (Birth control, Abortion)
  • Gender-Affirmation Services (Hormones/Surgery)
  • Mental Health
  • Obstetrics, Gynecology, Breast Health
  • Other (Medical)
  • Pregnancy/Pre-Natal Care
  • S.T.D./S.T.I.
  • Spanish Speaking Medical Treatment
  • Persons of Color/P.O.C.
  • Substance Abuse/Addiction
  • Trans and Gender-Non-Conforming


165 Plank Rd
Sycamore, IL 60178
DeKalb County, IL

Contact Info

Phone: 844-599-3700


From the website: "We offer an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment for all the communities we serve. The LGBTQ+ community is no exception."

LGBTQ Health Service Offered Include:
-Primary Health Care
-Care/Case Management
-Infectious Disease Care
-STI Testing and Treatment
-HIV Testing and Treatment
-Rapid HIV Testing and Counseling
-HIV Prevention Treatment (PrEP)
-Anal Pap Smears
-Women’s Health & Gynecology
-Hormone Replacement Therapy
-Psychiatry and Behavioral Health
-Substance Use Disorder Services
-Dental Health Services
-Insurance Enrollment
-Free Condoms
-Outreach and Prevention Education