Equality North Carolina

Provides LGBTQ+Focused services


  • Mental Health
  • S.T.D./S.T.I.
  • Anti-Discrimination (Workplace/Housing/Etc.)
  • Adults Questioning Their Sexuality/Gender Identity
  • Ally Training and Education
  • Persons of Color/P.O.C.
  • Sexual Trauma/Violence/Rape
  • Spanish Speaking Community and Support
  • Trans and Gender-Non-Conforming
  • Youth Services


P.O. Box 28768
Raleigh, North Carolina 27611

Contact Info

Phone: (919) 829-0343


"Equality North Carolina is the oldest statewide organization in the country dedicated to securing rights and protections for the LGBTQ community. We're invested in ensuring that every North Carolinian can see themselves in this movement and helping create a safer, more equitable world for all marginalized folks. Together we can build a better North Carolina." Programs include Rural Youth Empowerment Fellowship and various political/candidate support programs. Issues include anti-violence; racial justice; non-discrimination; protecting youth; HIV/AIDS work.