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"Compared to cisgender heterosexual students, LBGTQ+ students face disproportionate levels of harassment, anxiety, and depression at college. Ideally, LBGTQ+ students will attend a college that has adequately responded to these challenges and established an inclusive and safe learning environment, but not every school has done so. We’ll go over the most LBGTQ-friendly colleges in the country, and address some other issues that are important for LGBTQ+ students to know."

"We reviewed dozens of institutions in order to determine the top 20 colleges for LGBTQ+ students, evaluating factors such as LGBTQ+ student centers, gender-neutral facilities, and student organizations. This research was based on the materials available online at each school’s website. Below, we’ve also highlighted some things that you can check out during an on-campus tour to help you make an even more informed decision."